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Project Type

Mobile App Design,
UI Design


Sept-Dec 2015


Interaction Designer,
Visual Designer

The globalization has been fostering the trend of second language learning throughout the world. As a nation with only one dominating language, China doesn't have a supportive environment for language learners. Many people are looking forward to having a foreign language speaker to practice the language they are learning.

This application is designed for people who are looking forward to find a language partner to practice foreign language speaking. It is originally an free-lance work for an language tutoring agency at Shanghai. And what I present here is my favorite version of design.


#1. Project Process

In this project I acted as an interaction designer and visual designer. My work started from the phase of Ideation & Planning and ended at the Visual Design phase.

#2. Research Insights

Researchers in our team conducted survey and focus group to gain insights about what users needed, how they were finding language exchange partners, and what concernings they have. Conclusions are listed as following.

Identity is required for choosing a language exchange partner.
Most participants don't feel safe if they have to make appointment with someone without knowing his/her basic identity information. And they also feel unsafe if their personal information are exposed to strangers.

Location is one of the most important aspects that affect people's decision on partner choosing.
Most participants said they would rather stay at home and practise by themselves if the language partner is located far away takes them too long on the way to the appointment.

People prefer practice with fixed language partners.
Once they find a person who practice well with them, they are looking forward to keep a long-term relationship with the partner. One reason is that they fell safer to talk with some one they already know; another reason is that long-term practice is more likely to reflect progression.


#1. Concept Developing

This project is meant to design an application to help people to find suitable language practicing partners. Beside basic information, location information and language proficiency are emphasized to filter potential partners.

#2. Workflow

#2. User Interface Design


While wireframing, I obey the following principles:

Signup & Login
Create Profile


#1. Visual Identification Design

The name "triend" is an abbreviation of talk friend. The logo design combines the concept of conversation, location based service and friendship

#2. User Interface Guideline

#3. Graphic User Interface