7070 Miles

Distance between me and hometown...

Project Type

Illustration Design,
Personal Project


Jan - Feb 2015



I am a person who came across a long distance to the United Stated. I do have resonance about how difficulty a long trip is. The difficulties of a long trip are not just about the obstacles or dangers on the road. To me, it is more about maladjustment and culture shock after I arrive the destination, which I would like to use to present the 7070 miles between me and my hometown.

This work was created when I was studying graphic design at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I placed some common things in China and their respective substitutions in the United States in linear compositions to represent the sense of distance. I am implying that, these pairs of objects all have similarities, that I'm able to relate and present them in one illustration. When they add up together, it can be a really huge change to my life.

Shanghai --> Chicago
Rainy --> Snowy
Beef Noodle --> Spaghetti
Bobble Tea--> Coke
220V --> 110V
Ping-pang --> Spaghetti
Mao --> Lincoln
Spring Festival --> Christmas